Toyota Maintenance Guide

Climate in the South Pacific presents some unique challenges to vehicle maintenance. Make sure that your Toyota is always ready for action with these maintenenace tips:

Check Your Tyres
Summer heat can increase the pressure in your tyres. Perform regular air-pressure checks and adjustments to help minimise tyre wear and increase your fuel mileage. Don't forget to also check your spare and make sure that all of your tyres are in good condition.

Park in the shade
Whenever possible, park in a garage or someplace out of the direct sun. This will help the interior of your Toyota stay cool. When parking outside, use a windshield shade to help protect the interior against the sun's damaging rays.

Follow the recommended maintenance intervals
Proper service will help extend the life of your Toyota and preserve its value. Routine maintenance, such as regularly replacing your air and oil filters, will also help maximize the efficiency of your Toyota and improve fuel mileage.

Wiper Blades
Replace windshield wiper blades and washer fluid as needed. Visibility is critical all year round and the hot sun can deteriorate the wiper blades performance. Be prepared for the dust, insects and rain with new blades and plenty of washer fluid.

Clean out your boot
One easy way to increase your fuel economy is by removing unnecessary cargo. Give your Toyota a little spring-cleaning. Less weight in your car will certainly get you further.

Clean the paint and polish
Revitalise the finish of your Toyota with regular washing and detailing. Toyota recommends Toyota Cleaner & Polish to help remove oxidation, smooth the surface and restore the surface shine.

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